Intersim InterSim is a cardiac or arrhythmia simulator for pacemaker or ICD test and training. → Contact for further information

The term InterSim stands for "Interactive Heart Simulator". Introduced for the first time in 1994, the hardware is now available in version 2 and the software in version 3.InterSim with connected pacemaker small

InterSim Software

InterSim allows the simulation of normal and abnormal heart rhythms in combination with an illustrative presentation of the excitation propagation in the heart as well as a replica of the ECG(s). The heart simulator, consisting of the InterSim software and InterSim hardware (interface box), allows for a connection to any kind of pacemaker or implantable defibrillator.

The InterSim software can also be used without the interface box. However, it only reaches its full performance potential when used with the hardware.

The program simulates arrhythmias relevant to pacemaker and ICD therapy. ECG leads I, II and III, one intra-atrial lead, two intraventricular leads and a lead of the HV electrode are provided. For basic training, the program provides the most important function modes of pacing therapy and also demonstrates a defibrillation shock. Electrophysiological examinations of the atrium and ventricle are also supported.

When the hardware is connected, the program and the interface box create a model of the human heart. It is possible to connect pacemakers or ICDs to realistically demonstrate the operational mode of these devices, including special features.

InterSim Box

Particularly noteworthy is the interactive control option which permits active involvement during training in interaction between heart pacemaker and ICD. In this way, the practical use of pacemaker programmers can also be trained. Using the classroom version of InterSim, the trainer can simultaneously control up to 20 stations, so that students can concentrate on the analysis of the ECGs and the operation of the pacemaker programmer.

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